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Shelf Help: journal special

All, Your Bookshelf

Shelf Help is a book club and community dedicated to self-help and self-development. Each month founder Toni Jones recommends her favourite inspiring books, all designed to supercharge your life! This month, Toni shares her favourite journals…

The power of journaling is well documented, with therapists, self-help gurus and productivity experts all using the simple act of creative writing as a way to create major shifts.

There is something magical about the ritual of writing down your hopes, dreams and intentions, especially in this hyper-connected world, and especially at this time of the year, when so many of us are getting ready to embark on a new chapter. And we can’t think of a better gift for those you love than their best year yet (you’re including yourself in that list, right?).

Here are five of our favourites:

1.  The one we have bought for all of our friends… Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 Journal (£14.99)

Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019! It makes TOTAL sense to us that before we race ahead into a shiny new year we make a little time to reflect on the one that has just passed and remember that we have much to learn from our own wins – and losses. This journal from the brilliant Project Love duo is an end-of year-guide to help you create an exciting and actionable vision and plan for the year to come.

They say: “It’s time for us all to learn how to dream again. And to take those dreams seriously”

(And if you REALLY like your friends you can splash out on the complementary online ‘Design a Life You Love’ January workshop from the team).

2. The one we hope our friends will give to us… The Daily Greatness Journal (£39.95)

How do you start your day? With gratitude, intention and focus? Or hangovers, coffee and Facebook? Can you guess which one of these routines is likely to land you the job/man/woman/friends/body/life of your dreams? This mega journal is based on the idea that good habits create a good life, and great habits create a GREAT life, and is filled with all the tools of self-mastery one could possibly need. There’s also a buzzing Daily Greatness community to tap into on your journey to happiness, success and living your best life.

They say: “How we start our days determines how we spend our days. How we spend each day determines our future. What then, is more important than beginning and ending each day with clear intentions, a positive focused mindset and conscious reflection?”

3. The journal for non-journallers… The Five-Minute Journal (£18.37)

Based on positive psychology research, this journal has been designed to be as simple as possible (it really does take just five minutes), framing each day with the powerful practice of gratitude. It contains a bit of everything – affirmations, mindfulness, a space for gratitude and reflection – and we love the unassuming and unisex design.

They say: “The Five-Minute Journal is your secret weapon to focus on the good in your life, become more mindful, and live with intention.”

4. The one with a focus on mental health… The Positive Planner (£23)

The Positive Planner is part journal, part DIY therapist. Entirely dedicated to self-care, it has been designed to help improve our mental wellbeing through better organization. (Hands up who feels happier when running to a routine?). As well as more traditional features like daily reflections and mood trackers it also includes mini mindfulness activities, meal planners and shopping lists. Plus, we can’t get enough of its sunny yellow cover…

They say: ”The mindful gratitude journal that inspires you daily and encourages mental wellbeing.”

 5. The one for people with a big year ahead… The SELF Journal (£37.84)

If you’re a go-getting goal-setter – or if you WANT to be – then this is the planner for you. A ‘goal-setting journal and productivity planner’ based on a 13-week timeframe (13-week goals reduce procrastination and maximise productivity by keeping the end in sight), this clever planner pushes readers to identify their most important goals and then keeps them on track with daily scheduling and reflection as well as weekly and monthly check-ins. Not for the faint-hearted, the SELF journal demands commitment (it comes complete with wall planner and a whole book of instructions on how to complete it!). But if you’re willing to do the work then the results may very well transform your life.

They say: “We are human performance junkies who translate the success, strategies, and habits of high performance into meaningful yet simple tools that will guide you to become your Best Self.”

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