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The Positive Planner and The Positive Bullet Diary, use both for ultimate positive planning!

The Positive Bullet Diary is a revolutionary pairing of a traditional 12 month undated diary and creative bullet journal. You can organise your day-to-day life, document your appointments and arrange your to-do lists alongside emotional wellbeing prompts.

The Positive Planner is a traditional 12 week journal meets DIY therapist, with sections dedicated to daily reflections, a weekly mood tracker and mindfulness activities as well as everyday organisational extras such as meal planners and shopping lists.

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The Positive Planner and The Positive Bullet Diary, use both for ultimate positive planning and save £7! Dimensions measure: W15cm x H22cm x D3cm | Material: luxurious hardback book covered in blue / yellow fabric.

The Positive Bullet Diary is a 12 month undated diary and journal dedicated to creativity and wellbeing that can be personalised by you and started at any time. Each weekly layout encourages you to break down your to-do lists with clever keys and there is space for emotional reflections so you can track your mood alongside your productivity. The Positive Bullet Diary is an inspirational space to encourage productivity, positivity and creativity. Find out more here.

The Positive Planner is a journal that has 3 months of positivity to encourage the practice of daily gratitude and mood tracking. It is essentially a tool that plans your self care, helps you make achievable goals and also inspires through quotes and illustrations. It includes daily intentions and reflections, weekly meal planners and shopping lists, monthly calendar and mood tracker as well as brilliant mindfulness activities that encourage positive thinking. Find out more here.


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