Street Meditations


This is an invitation to stop rushing, to move through the day a bit differently, and to reclaim time and headspace for the priorities that really matter.

Clare Barry shares the myriad benefits of slow, unplugged, mindful walking – a simple daily practice that can transform your whole life.

This manageable e-course is for anyone who feels stressed, discombobulated and overwhelmed by metropolitan life and who is curious about mindfulness and meditation, but who doesn’t necessarily feel drawn to the “typical” modalities – like sitting cross-legged on a cushion on the floor.

The stressed, exhausted corporate ladder climber or freelancer, frazzled mum or dad and the lifelong city-dweller.

The three week e-course starts on Monday 11 June 2018.

Supplied by Urban Curiosity.


The three week course starts on Monday 11 June 2018. 

What you’ll learn:

  • find out what “mindfulness” actually means, and how mindfulness can shift your mood and boost your creativity and productivity (without throwing your computer into the bin or meditate on top of a mountain!).
  • cultivate your curiosity
  • learn about the creativity-boosting power of walking, the art of dawdling and the joy of getting lost
  • enjoy prompts and quests to ignite your imagination and hone your powers of noticing
  • discover how to create a more balanced relationship with technology, so that technology becomes a helpful tool, not a perpetual distraction and energy-drain
  • explore how to listen to our intuition and reclaim time and headspace for the priorities that truly matter so that you can achieve more in less time, but without burning yourself into the ground
  • hear yourself think, rediscover your street and re-write the future
  • capture it all in your notebook. Simple creative and observational exercises such as word sketching, colour hunting and the alphabet game
  • you will feel inspired, re-energised, full of ideas
  • and you’ll appreciate the benefits of city walking to reconnect to your body and your dreams.

Course includes:

  • 15 lessons, stories or reflections delivered to your inbox each weekday morning in a short, manageable email with an invitation or prompt to help guide you through the rest of the day
  • 5 worksheets
  • 1 video per week with insights and thoughts on how to avoid burnout, become more present and make time for
  • projects and work that matters
  • 1 written, audio or video interview per week with an urbanite whose perspective will inspire you to reconnect to your body, mind and dreams
  • 1 audio meditation
  • 1 Urban Curiosity Walkshop guide in pdf format.

Founded in 2014 by Londoner, author and speaker Clare Barry after experiencing burnout, Urban Curiosity is a creativity and wellness company that helps busy people slow down and see things differently. 

Clare Barry is Life + Me’s Urban Wellbeing Expert. If you have a question for Clare for our Q+As, email [email protected]


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Will Street Meditations help teach me how to meditate? No, not in the conventional sense. It will give you tools to welcome more peace and calm into your days.

What if I can’t keep up with the emails? No worries. Go at your own pace.

This course is supposed to help me get off my smartphone and out of my inbox but it’s an e-course! Many people want to attend an Urban Curiosity Walkshop or wish to delve further into the themes and lessons taught. This e-course allows people living all over the world to participate. You are encouraged to read the emails each morning and then get out into the world as you begin your day. Print them off or note down key things that emerge for you and allow them to guide your day.

I’m too busy to fit a walk into my schedule. Street Meditations will entice you to take a gentle stroll each day, if only around the block. If you drive everywhere or take public transport, then this course will help you, too. It’s about mindful movement and reflecting on how we spend our time, energy and attention. By the end of the course you might make different choices about how you schedule your days.

How much writing or drawing is required? As much or as little as you wish. And talent isn’t required. There are observational exercises, creative writing reflective practice and some doodling/sketching tasks to steer your attention BUT you can do what feels good and if you simply want to think about these instead of applying ink to paper, then that’s all good. If there is no attachment to the outcome being ‘good’, you’ll embrace how the process makes you feel (which is more valuable).

There are no refunds accepted for this e-course.

If you wish to cancel your order please email [email protected]