Get Ready for Love E-Course


“Get Ready for Love has totally refreshed my attitude towards myself and finding love… the right way!” Grazia

This 30 day online course is designed to take you on a journey that will have you looking at love and dating in a whole new way. One that will transform your love life from the inside out!

Go at your own pace with 30 daily lessons and videos and discover the right conditions for a happy and healthy love life. Just like having a love coach in your pocket, with advice, tools and guidance that can be listened to during the commute or en route to a date.

Provided by Project Love.


If you are purchasing as a gift, just send us an email after you have purchased at [email protected] and we can issue you with a gift card.

Project Love have helped 500+ women all over the world – from London, to New York, to Tel Aviv to Buenos Aires and beyond – to find love.

Get Ready for Love will help you to…

  • Find out why you’ve been getting so stuck when it comes to your love life
  • Discover the blocks that have been stopping you from finding love and learn how to clear them away
  • Learn why you’ve been attracting the wrong kind of guys into your life and how to start attracting the right kind of guys
  • Realise the importance of cultivating a loving relationship with yourself and learn how to start doing that
  • Learn how to become a magnet to the kind of relationship you really deserve
  • Learn how to let your guard down, turn that green light on and make yourself available
  • Discover a whole new way of approaching dating – one that is intelligent and fun
  • Learn how to maximise your chances of meeting quality available guys
  • Feel genuinely excited about what lies ahead!

What you get inside the course…

  • The full Get Ready for Love journey fed to you in 30 powerful, bite-sized lessons
  • A 42-page beauuutifully designed PDF workbook to accompany the course
  • Videos bursting with love and big smiles from Selina + Vicki (founders of Project Love) as they guide you through the course
  • Audio tutorials that you can download and listen to on-the-go
  • Guided visualisations and powerful EFT (‘Tapping’) coaching audios
  • Special guests sharing their wisdom and secrets to finding love (including Gail Love Schock and Marianne Cantwell)
  • A private online group ‘The Love Zone’ where you can hang out with Vicki, Selina and a whole tribe of supportive women

“By the end of the 30 days I was beginning to value myself much more and tolerate a lot less from men who weren’t genuine.” Psychologies Magazine

On a mission to inspire and empower busy women to create lives, careers and relationships that they LOVE, acclaimed coaches Selina Barker and Vicki Pavitt founded Project Love. Project Love shows women how to cultivate love from the inside out and how to have the courage to follow their hearts. With a combined 14 years of experience behind them, their online courses and coaching programmes promote the power of sisterhood and community, empowering women to find love in all areas of their lives.


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What happens when I buy through Life + Me?
You will receive your confirmation email and Project Love will contact you straight away so you can get started without delay! You can also tell them if purchasing as a gift. For any cancellations or requests you can contact us directly at [email protected]

When can I start the course?
Immediately! Get Ready For Love course is a fully DIY online course which you can start whenever you like. It is not a live course so you can take the course completely at your own pace. You will have access to the course the minute you sign up.

I’m a busy woman! How much time do I realistically need to do the course?
The course has been designed with busy women in mind which is why the whole course has been split up into bite-sized manageable chunks- it is like having a love coach in your pocket, with advice, tools and guidance that can be listened to during the daily commute or when you’re snuggled up at home in bed.

How much time does it take to complete the course?
Even though the course has been designed as a 30 day journey, it is DIY so it is entirely up to you how long you take to complete the course – it might be 30 days or 6 months… or longer! That part is entirely up to you. Go at your own pace.

How long will I have access to the Get Ready For Love online course?
You will have lifetime access 24/7 from the date you register on the course.

How are the Get Ready For Love online course materials delivered?
All course materials are delivered online and are available as soon as you purchase.

What if I have technical issues?
If you have any technical issues please reach out to us and we’ll sort you out.

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