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The miracle of second chances

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As much as we like to make the focus of post Easter about chocolate eggs and bunny rabbits, there’s a deeper meaning to this period that’s difficult to ignore. It seems to bleed into our psyches, whether we like it or not. I’ve even noticed it at the gym this week. Immediately after Easter, it’s ten times busier. It seems that whatever one’s belief system is, the message of starting over, resetting and proverbially ‘wiping the slate clean’ is sensed by pretty much all of us at this time of year.

Easter (in a literal, biblical sense) is of course about the resurrection; representing miracles, hope, new beginnings and welcoming life to things that may have previously been dead or forgotten. This year, the Easter period has really got me thinking. We hear a lot about believing in ‘miracles’ in the wellness space… but what does having a miracle-mindset actually mean?


For me, it’s about making the decision not to write things off, be that ourselves, other people or ideas that we’ve previously held dear. It’s about remaining open to things being different and better – no matter how far off or unlikely those things might currently seem.

How many of us are convinced that we’ve “missed the boat”, that we’re “over the hill” or that it would be “far too risky” to return to a vision we once had for our lives? How often do we feel that we’ve screwed something up beyond repair – whether it’s an opportunity, a friendship or a negative impression we sense we’ve made? I know quite a few of the above resonate with me on some level.

But according to whom, exactly? I wonder if there’s any truth in these beliefs, apart from the truth that we create through actively living them out. Who says that things can’t be rewritten, that we don’t get a second chance or an opportunity to do better – to choose again?


A couple of years ago, I found myself at a cross-roads in my own life. I’d made the difficult decision to walk away from something that I’d spent years building – something that I’d put a lot of sacrifice, time and emotional energy into. I knew it was necessary to walk away from it but, at the same time, I was struggling to see how it would all work out. There was part of me that felt like I’d blown it. It felt like a death, of sorts. The death of my identity, anyway.

At the time, I came across this quote:

Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.”

These words instantly gave me a sense of hope. I did feel as if I’d been buried. But I came to appreciate that far from it being a death, it could equally be seen as the planting of something new. This shift in my mindset began to gently change my inner dialogue and consequently, my outer behaviour. Before I knew it, I was rebuilding my life on new and sure foundations – ones that felt much more secure.

Which leads me to this: perhaps the way in which we decide to move forwards in life is the only thing that matters. That instead of hiding and allowing ourselves to be buried, we can throw down our roots, take our time and emerge (when we are ready) back out into the light again. It’s so much easier to count yourself out, to write things off and to shut down. There are, in some instances, people, places and situations that we do need to let go of – either for a season or for a longer stretch of time. But remaining open to a shift – a miracle – is such a beautiful space to rest in the interim.

Can you stay soft and keep your heart open? It takes courage, grace and humility to stay open in the face of disappointment and hurt – especially when facing the unknown that lies ahead. But maybe, just maybe, that’s where the magic happens.


1) Keep your heart open – get your Heart Remedy Guide: simple, implementable (and free!) guidance around living a more heart-centred life and a daily guided meditation.

2) Read a beautiful poem about hope – one of my favourite poems is ‘For a New Beginning’ by John O’Donohue.

3) One-to-one intensive sessions – if you’d like to work with me on re-finding a sense of hope for your life, I offer one-to-one healing sessions.

Joanne Bradford is a certified healing practitioner and life-consultant, and is also co-author of ‘The Inner Fix’, published by Hodder & Stoughton in 2016. Joanne is founder of Motherheart, dedicated to creating the space for you to clear out emotional blockages and discordant energies, so you can plug into your inner guidance and live a meaningful life that makes a difference to your world. 

Joanne is Life + Me’s Emotional Healing Expert. If you have a question for Joanne for our Q+As, or if you have a suggested topic you would like her to cover, email [email protected]

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