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The Self-Care Seeker

Thoughtful gifts for those in need of some TLC

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  • Affirmation Colouring Sheets (Digital)

    12 printable affirmations with mandalas

  • Are You Looking for Answers?

    A map to help you search for answers

  • As You Are

    A guide to letting go of comparison

  • Breathe Magazine

    Wellbeing + mindfulness magazine subscription

  • Conscious Creativity Set

    Feed the creative being inside

  • Four-Legged Therapy

    How fur, scales + feathers can make life worth living

  • Happiness is Here

    A 30-day guide to joy + fulfilment

  • How To Grow Your NO

    A map to help you figure out when to say no

  • I Set My Intentions Planner (Digital)

    Full moon + new moon ritual journal

  • Motherdom Bundle

    The mental wellbeing magazine for parents

  • Motherdom Magazine

    The mental wellbeing magazine for parents

  • Overthinking: The Not-So-Fun Fair

    A map to help you free your mind from troubling thoughts

  • Selfish Darling Gratitude Journal

    Find happiness from within

  • Stand Tall Like A Mountain

    Mindfulness + self-care for children + parents

  • Stress Relief Bundle

    Mindful products to soothe stress in modern life

  • The Little Book of Self-Care

    30 practices to soothe the body, mind + soul