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The Changemaker

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  • New Beginnings Bundle

    For a new project or a fresh start

  • No Need to Hurry

    A4 poster with Virginia Woolf quote

  • Overthinking: The Not-So-Fun Fair

    A map to help you free your mind from troubling thoughts

  • Rainbows + Whirlwinds Energising Tea

    Mental clarity + wellness

  • Screw Finding Your Passion

    It's within you, lets unlock it!

  • Strong, Wild, Free Necklace

    Available in sterling silver, gold or rose gold

  • The Goddess Strategy Session: EXCLUSIVE

    2hr session + action plan with Dr. Helen Johnson

  • The Inner Fix

    Be stronger, happier + braver

  • The Inspiration Guide Set

    Find ideas, get unstuck + make things happen

  • The Positive Bullet Diary

    Encourages productivity, positivity + creativity

  • The Positive Pack

    12 month bullet diary + wellbeing planner

  • The Positive Planner

    12 week journal + guide meets DIY therapist

  • The Practical Magic Activation Deck

    Your personal life coach in a box

  • The Practical Magic Activation Deck Ltd Edition Bundle

    Your personal life coach in a box + 'Strike a Pose' tote

  • Where Do Ideas Come From?

    A map to guide your way to great ideas