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“Life + Me is a newly-launched site that brings together beautiful products, curated articles and mood-enhancing experiences that all have a focus on personal wellbeing. You can shop, read, find inspiration, whatever you need – this is a portal that will guide you away from self-sabotage and self-criticism and towards self-care instead, and we love it!” – Emerald Street


On a mission to reposition mental wellbeing for the everyday wo/man, Life + Me launched in February 2018 and is the first online retail destination of its kind dedicated to positive living. The marketplace store encourages self-discovery through a curated (and tried-and-tested) collection of products and experiences, all designed to enhance mental wellbeing and personal growth.

Actionable inspiration and practical guidance sit side-by-side with the shop, allowing our customers to self-educate on the core ideas and concepts that underpin the products and services we showcase. You can discover a hub of trusted wellbeing content that is carefully curated to suggest suitable products and solutions, or simply to inspire new ways of thinking.

Our passion is to empower you to discover and adopt your own ways of supporting your mental wellbeing. Ultimately, it is a place to discover what makes you FEEL good.


We believe that wellbeing (the state of feeling happy and healthy) is a combo ‘mind, body, soul’ show. Life + Me focuses on mental wellbeing, and just like physical wellbeing leads with the body, mental wellbeing’s CEO is the mind.

Whether looking for ways to work through daily challenges, such as stress, overwhelm and anxiety, or looking to achieve desires for personal growth, such as feeling more confidence, success and vitality – mental wellbeing is important to everyone.

There are lots of innovative and helpful products and services that help support mental wellbeing that draw inspiration from different approaches, such as mindfulness, personal development, spirituality, positive psychology and holistic wellbeing. Life + Me brings these all together into a single place, to offer a diverse collection of tools and resources for you to discover – from ancient and traditional practices through to the latest science based products.

Whatever it is that brings you to Life + Me, you will leave empowered and equipped with a range of wellbeing tips, tools and know-how to integrate into your daily life.


In May 2018 Life + Me was awarded The WellSpoken Mark™, an international certification for brands who are committed to providing trustworthy wellness and wellbeing information to the public.

Awarded The WellSpoken Mark

Brands who have received the certification mark have undergone a robust assessment of both their content and editorial procedures, and commit to uphold the highest level of excellence when developing and sharing content. The accreditation will continue to be a recognised ‘seal of approval’ for our discerning wellbeing audience, and provide a mark of trust and credibility for our customers.


Collaborating with leading contributors, Life + Me’s in-house experts provide you with the latest content, thought pieces and insights across key positive lifestyle topics. This allows you to explore and learn about the core ideas and concepts that underpin the products and services we showcase.

Another key aspect of Life + Me is the business and commercial marketing support that the platform offers to the growing number of noteworthy businesses operating in the sector. Bridging the gap between those who are actively seeking wellbeing products and services with brands who are looking to reach them, Life + Me offers a trusted and recommended space to help grow awareness and support discovery.


Life + Me is founded by Sam Miller, a thirty-something-mental-wellbeing-advocate-personal-development-fanatic who lives with her husband Tom on the leafy Surrey / London border.

Having established a successful career in PR + Marketing, Sam got fed up with the repetitive – ambition, success, burnout, stuck – cycle of her twenties. Contemplating the practicalities of a ‘work-life’ balance, she also realised she was generally feeling zapped of inspiration and life was feeling a bit… blah. Confused with what direction to take, but determined to follow her personal interests, she trained and qualified in results-based Life Coaching alongside her day job. Feeling a buzz for learning and unlocking some key life tools, especially within a field that supported people with their own wellbeing and life goal achievements, her training also set her on a new path.

Founder, Sam Miller

Following her interest in people and the mind, Sam went on to further study Psychology. She left her corporate job and took a full-time role as a mental health support worker with the NHS, where she worked with individuals living with a range of clinical conditions; from anxiety and depression, to schizophrenia and dissociative personality disorder, to those with drug dependency, and provided them with support in the self-management of their own care.

Supporting people at the point of need was the most fulfilling work Sam had experienced, but she couldn’t help wondering if her own personal experience might be used to reach a broader audience – others who felt zapped, or in a cycle of modern living that left them unsatisfied and imbalanced.

Back in the city, she started her own consultancy working with a number of innovative businesses in this field. Wanting to empower individuals to adopt their own approach to emotional wellbeing and to help people discover brilliant tools and services in this area, the concept of Life + Me was born.

We hope that you enjoy! Connect with us @lifeandmeuk

We can’t get enough of one-stop online shop Life + Me. Full of expert guidance, gorgeous products and first-person experiences, a five-minute browse is guaranteed to make you feel better” – The Metro