Arma Glass, Yogaia + Nourish

#FF This week’s recommendations. SHOP: beautiful glass craft at @armaglassworks. READ: Nourish: Mind, Body & Soul by @HollyActive @Sadieliza @Wild_DeliciousDO: live yoga with @yogaiaofficial ...‬

SHOP ARMA GLASS@armaglassworks

‘Making glass objects, looking after plants, and making positive spaces in a tough city’.

Professional glass-cutter and owner of Arma Glass, Sarma Krumins, creates sculptural and light-catching glass terrariums for keeping cacti. Learning her craft from her artistic mother, Sarma now sells her creations at Netil Market each weekend, providing a constant source of green-thumbed inspiration. 

She has a range of beautiful pieces, definitely worth a visit!

This is a must-have wellbeing book for those interested in taking care of their mind, body and soul. Nourish is full of wisdom for modern day women of all ages on how to stay healthy and happy despite the stresses and strains of every day life. Divided into three sections, the book covers everything you need to live well and stay nourished.

The first section covers Amber Rose's nutritional, balanced and above all, delicious seasonal recipes that will heal the immune system and provide an essential foundation for good health. Whether it is for a big family celebration or a lazy weekend breakfast, recipes range from Borscht with crème fraiche & dill, Poached Eggs with Cauliflower Toasts and healthy smoothie suggestions such as Chia Smoothie with Raw Chocolate & Fresh Raspberries, to Chicken Soup for the Soul and Cavalo Nero with Lemon & Caramelised Onions.

Sadie Frost then shares her homemade beauty recipes and remedies such as Avocado Face Pack, Hair Masks and Chamomile or Green Tea Bath Soak, which will restore a healthy glow to your skin and hair or simply help you relax after a busy day. Her knowledge of meditation and yoga will help you to still your mind. With chapters detailing specific yoga exercises for a variety of moods such as Depression, Calming and Anger you will learn the techniques for staying calm in the face of difficult times. 

Finally, Holly Davidson shares her tips and hints as to how to introduce exercise into your life, with sections on Changing Habits and The Truth about Weights and Cardio. The easy-to-follow routines guarantee that you will be putting your trainers on and getting active in no time. Producing noticeable results, the routines are easy to follow and include suitable warm-ups and stretches.

A brilliant read and reference book, a must-have for the book shelf. From all good book stores, £16.58 from Amazon.

Yogaia is the only live, interactive yoga studio in the world. Their live classes are available for an infinite amount of participants, and you can attend simultaneously via your webcam, having a professional teacher instruct on an individual basis. 

You have the option to turn on your web camera and connect to your live yoga instructor who can offer you personal advice, tips and tricks that help you to take your workout further. There are also hundreds of online yoga recordings available, 24 hours a day. 

They have something for everyone, no matter what level of yogi you are, from beginners to advanced they’ve got it sorted. Newbies can join their yoga for beginners classes and work their way up to flowing through Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Our want to improve your sleep? Snooze through Yogic Sleep or more of a dancer? Attend their Barre Class. Is weight loss your aim? Get fit with their HIIT Class. 

Yoga should be available for all. The price of one month's membership at Yogaia starts at £7.49 / month.