Join me in sharing a snap or image that reflects your path right now. Acknowledging and appreciating (however bright or murky) today's part of your journey - no judging, just observing and being - #mypath.

It is hardly an innovative notion or concept to suggest that, just as much as we are hot wired to focus on the next challenge and therefore often miss the appreciation and bliss of a great moment, that we also fall into the trap of feeling stuck or despaired if we don't know, or are not in 'control' of the what's next...

If you have read the snippet of my story so far you will understand why I feel quite passionate about encouraging anyone and everyone to try to see life's many moments as just that, periods of time that we have the choice to let pass or decide to stick around in, to see as opportunities for growth, a change of direction or to just put our hands up and leave to the 'higher powers' to fill. It is not our business to know what will come of it, all we can do is trust. Often we look back at our mini journeys (as I have done) and in hindsight see clearly how the many paths wind together - proclaiming how, obviously, it all makes sense now! But, as we know, at the time those twist and turns can feel totally baffling, uncomfortable and blah. We often forget about the many brilliant, happy, and joyful moments that sprinkle these times, meaning we miss the chance to appreciate, share and feel gratitude.

A path can be defined as the course or direction in which a person or thing is moving – but what does it look like? I invite you to be creative. The one common characteristic is the space that exists between where we are and the furthest point we can see. And it is this SPACE that I believe is the greatest part of any path. It doesn’t matter how wide or small it is - this space is filled with ideas, possibilities and unknowns = the magic. Even if we are hellbent sure that we will be arriving at 'X' junction at the end of our current path, we can't predict, nor should we look to prevent, anyone or anything stepping right in the middle of it. And it is for this reason I like to remember and honour the space, because it is what can keep us grounded and trusting in testing times, but equally can remind us to be fully present and grateful in moments of happiness and joy. Overall, our path and paths make up our unique story – and that’s pretty cool. Lets not judge our path, or other people's for that matter. No need to compare. Lets acknowledge, accept, be grateful and share whatever path we are moving on right now.

So, why not give it a go? I’ll be sharing an image of #mypath weekly on Twitter and Instagram @lifemeinspire. Feel free to join me as often as you like!