The Spark


Hello, welcome to LIFE + ME. We champion positive lifestyle businesses and people like you - those who inspire thought and connection. We help you spread the word through authentic marketing and communications activity.

I'm Sam. I have over 13+ years of marketing and communications industry experience, which includes publicity for some of the leading US publishing houses, in-depth agency experience in luxury PR and communications and commercial project management for a new retail start-up. I have worked with over 40 brands across the lifestyle spectrum - small and big - and have collaborated with many, many more. Do visit my LinkedIn page for a CV-style version of my professional profile.

To give you a glimpse of the intent and spark behind LIFE + ME, we need to navigate the transitional journey of my mid-late twenties - which went something like this:

ambition, success, burnout, stuck - ambition, change, humility, wonder, stuck - epiphany, peace, intent...

It amalgamated at the point in life's cycle where 'work-life balance' becomes a hot topic amongst peers - now it is a hot topic in general, but back then it was still quite novel. In addition to this contemplation, I was also realising that I was feeling zapped of inspiration. I realised the fire in my belly was pretty much all but out, and generally life was feeling a bit... blah. Confused with what direction I was going in and unsure what to do about it - I started a diploma in results-based Life Coaching, which I trained for alongside the day job. There was something so totally satisfying and thrilling about learning again, especially within a field that supported people with their own wellbeing and life goal achievements. Actually, if anything, this training set me on a (at the time terrifying) path of unravelling everything I thought I knew my life was meant to be about.

All out of a sense of mission, but feeling that following my interest in people, the mind, culture and wellbeing was as good a place to focus than any - I went on to study a University Certificate in Psychology for a year part-time whilst still working. I couldn't get enough of discovering and learning about all the fascinating topics covered.

It took the imminent arrival of the big three zero to kick start the actual change part of my story. Convinced my calling was to retrain in psychotherapy, I left the city and took a full-time shift role as a mental health community support worker with the NHS, in Hampshire.

I worked with individuals living with a range of clinical mental health conditions; from anxiety and depression, to schizophrenia and dissociative personality disorder, to those with learning disabilities or drug dependency - to provide them with support in the self-management of their own care.

I don't want to glaze past those 8 plus months, but at the same time it also doesn't seem right to draw any brief summary of the experience. What is important to note is that what I had intended to be a professional first step in a career change, ended up being a totally personal experience. Turbo-charged personal development, a humble reminder in the basics of communication and the feeling of wonder for the beauty of human interaction. A lesson in the power of simplicity and getting back to basics.

Be authentic, show up, no need to over complicate, no need to overthink, no expectations, be personable, be humble, connect and smile.

I gained appreciation for my own life experiences, skills and talents and a renewed love for communications. I gained a more informed understanding of community, consumer behaviour and psychological driving needs. Importantly, I founded upon a mission - to continue learning, to be curious, to discover and to engage with life. I want to help bring this insight to others - to encourage connection and curiosity. To inspire more people to 'switch on' and 'tap in'. To take interest in their minds, body and spirit and to tend to them.

Wondering how I could look to fulfil this through my work, I felt a focused passion to help businesses and individuals like you, who have good intentions at their heart. To support you to think strategically, share creatively and grow wisely - so you can effectively drive awareness and reach of your message and the work you are doing. To support you to really consider your audiences, how you talk to them, how to reach them and how to engage them. Whether to work with you at conception stage, with commercial planning or marketing and communications strategy development or all the way through. Importantly though, to deliver this in a simplistic way, improvising and working with what resources you have available and to be authentic in the process - less 'bells and whistles', more 'grit' and 'integrity'.

So, this is life and me. LIFE + ME. I'm thinking, sharing and growing. I would love to join you at whatever part of your journey you are at, to help spread the word and to spark some inspiration.